Английский язык - второй семестр

Список вопросов к тесту №8

Подберите правильный перевод

  • A lot of research is required to meet these requirements, for example, to develop new protocols and technologies.
  • Near Field Communication technology is designed to operate over very short distances.
  • To continue the process of network convergence and standardization requires more research.
  • To keep your network secure, you can use one of the following methods…
  • To provide wireless access to a wide range of services and applications we are developing a new system.
  • To convert an analog signal into digital form requires a process of sampling.

Выберите подходящую форму глагола.

  • 1. Предоставить the automatic solution of the set of problems is the main task of a computer.
  • 2. Cable transmission losses must be minimised чтобы доставлять adequate signal levels to the customer.
  • 3. This равномерное распределение of resources is essential as more and more applications with different bandwidth needs are run over mobile devices. balancing
  • 4. Провести an experiment of this kind seems nearly impossible. to construct
  • 5. Многожамерное слежение combines the data measured by the individual cameras to maximise the useful information content. multi-carnera tracking
  • 6. Оптимизация fibre for the broadband networks of the future requires detailed understanding of broadband network architecture. to optimise
  • 7. Расширение this range of services to include contactiess services is seen is a natural next step by customers as weH as by ServiceProviders and Mobile Network Operators. expanding
  • 8. Уменьшение in minimum sizes means more transistors per chip, more transistors means more computing power, and more power means electronic systems will gain in functionality and performance. reducing.

Выберите правильный перевод

  • 1. Devices must do more without increasing in weight or size. 
  • 2. The radios used for WiFi communication are very similar to the radios used for walkie-talkies, cell phones and other devices. 
  • 3. Circuits developed consisted of two layers. 
  • 4. There are dominant factors limiting device performance.
  • 5. Being obtained the results of the research were analyzed.
  • 6. When written in a symbolic language programs require the translatedn into the machine language. 
  • 7. There is a lot of work to be done in order to make communication networks more reliable.
  • 8. The software turns the image into a JPEG file and uploads it to a Web server using File Transfer Protocol. 
  • 9. The electrical signal representing the visual image may be from a camera, a video tape recorder or a film flying spot scanner.
  • 10. The setup described here is a fun, inexpensive and simple way to experiment with a Webcam. описанная
  • 11. The data to be stored on memory sticks must be encrypted.
  • 12. Consumers and businesses, now relying on wireless technology, continue to demand innovative communications systems and services. 


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