Английский язык - второй семестр

Список вопросов к тесту №6

Подберите правильный перевод.

  • The new device would become more powerful.
  • The attachments may be confidential and they must not be distributed
  • When new software is purchased, it must be installed and tested
  • This password is secret and must not be shared with any other individuals
  • This information is not confidential and it does not have to be encrypted.
  • Now hardware configuration can be more complicated than ever
  • Local software should be properly managed
  • Only company-provided and approved software maya be used.

Выберите правильный перевод модальных глаголов.

  • The spectrum must be managed well and shared fairly between operators and technologies
  • Research in this area must look at industry standards and new techniques
  • Systems today and in the future must deliver the services and functionality that consumers and businesses demand.
  • Much work can be accomplished on such a terminal without keyboarding information
  • Devices may need installation at several layers of the virtualization stack
  • Should the company create an internal program, similar to iTunes, for downloading apps?
  • A real time program does not have to differ from the planned one.
  • They can also instantly record transactions in the companý’s system as they happen.
  • The system administrator may need to formulate rules that allow the hardware to be shared securely and fairly.
  • Mobile enterprise apps could change the way companies do business.

Используйте подходящий по смыслу модальный глагол.

  • As a mobile office worker you want a laptop that you take with you easily.
  • You  to have the ability to connect to the Internet and company networks in a variety of methods.
  • The next important criteria when you buy a laptop are size and weight.
  • The best choices for mobile office workers are thin and light laptops, Laptops meant to replace desktop systems  be too heavy to carry for long periods of time but provide features valuable to mobile professionals.
  • Mobile office workers  for a laptop that includes secunty options  can save you money and grief.
  • As with all technology, mobile office technology is constantly changing and improving If your laptop sometime youll be without an efficient means of connecting to your company network or the Internet accept that their laptops will be prime targets for theft.
  • Making the decision be upgraded it  can become a hindrance rather than an effective tool.


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