Английский язык - второй семестр

Список вопросов к тесту №5

Заполните пропуски подходящей формой предложенных глаголов.

  • Wireless telegraphy, which was 
  • to wireless Wreless is an old-fashioned tem for a radio transceier or for a radio recerver Now the term 
  • to descnbe modem wireless connections such as those in celldar networks and wireless broadband Intemet In moden usage, wireless is a method o communication that uses low-powered rado waves 
  • data between devices The tern refers to communication without cables or cords chetty uning rado frequency and intrared waves igh ponered transmission sources usualb’y require govemment Icenses 
  • on a specific wavelength Ths broadcast platform which has histoncally totammt 6 camed 
  • voice and music, has 
  • ointo a lage ndustry, with many thousands of broadcasts around the world Low-powered rado waves are offen unregulated Wireless is now increasingy being uned
  • by unregulated compiter uners Softeare and hardaare developers are creating 
  • smater computer networks which fom special wireless network with protocols such an WiFi and ZigBee

Определите залог глаголов-сказуемых.

  • OIP can also be used for voice mail and fax mail applications 
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) will be implemented in two years 
  • The application is being tested for buge at the momentpassive 
  • This mobile device has an email application on it. 
  • The Internet has become a poweiful means of propress of the technology era 
  • There may be times when you suspect that your software has crors 
  • The geophysicists were given satelito phones 
  • We are speaking about the browser 
  • The launch of the new device has been delayed untd now 
  • There were problems to tolve.

Заполните таблицу недостающими формами неправильных глаголов.

  • Infinitive
  • be
  • become
  • break
  • build
  • catch
  • choose
  • cost
  • do
  • draw
  • drive
  • fall
  • find
  • grow
  • know
  • lose
  • send
  • show
  • stand
  • take
  • understand
  • write


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