Английский язык - второй семестр

Контрольный тест №4

Выберите правильный перевод

  • These substances are thought of as being mixtures.
  • The students watched the substance changing its colour.
  • The fibres being so small, thousands of them could be put in one tiny cable.
  • With the results having been obtained, we continued our work.
  • Computers have allowed companies to deal with information more effectively.
  • The quality of an image is known to depend on the number of pixels.
  • We believe a relational database to be the most common type of database.
  • It made the developers improve the device.
  • The work finished, they left the laboratory.
  • Some new devices having been obtained, the researchers could make more complex experiments.
  • This investigation is unlikely to produce good results.
  • Virus checker allows viruses to be found and destroyed.
  • The results obtained proved to be different from the expected ones.
  • Sound travels in water at the speed of about a mile per a second, the exact speed depending upon the temperature of water.
  • The experiments showed the radioactive body to give out alfa, beta and gamma radiation. 

Определите функцию инфинитива в предложении.

  • To understand the properties of electrons the students carried out a laboratory work. обстоятельство
  • To send highly sensitive information via email or fax is unsafe.
  • To obtain a useful signal information must be superimposed on the radio waves.
  • The language to be used for processing the text input is PERL.
  • To control current from the cathode to the anode a control grid is used.
  • To obtain good performance of the given network is rather difficult under such circumstances.
  • He marked up the elements to be displayed in bold.
  • To complete the experiment on time is of great importance.
  • A few examples of the texts to be translated are given below.
  • To send and receive exact copies of documents is the task of a telefax.

Выберите правильный перевод подчеркнутых глагольных форм.

  • Mainframe computers usually process several application programs concurrently, switching 
  • The demonstration of our new device followed by its discussion was much spoken about.
  • Having been improved  the device provides speedy connectivity. from one to the other.
  • Grounding  radio-sets we protect them from discharges of atmospheric electricity.
  • The application downloaded allowed a user to display data in a pictorial form.
  • Having connected  the antenna we can tune the receiver to the carrier frequency.
  • Microchips are tiny pieces of silicon containingcomplex electronic circuits.
  • Using sunlight as a source of energy offers considerable advantages.
  • The main memory holds the instructions and data being processed  by the CPU.
  • Using disk drive, you can read and write data on disks..


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