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Список вопросов к тесту №4

Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами

  • 1. Since many operating syrders un on PCa is faity common practice to set up a machine to boot sevwra different aperating sytems 
  • 2. is best to se packages designed for your particular systern if they are available 
  • 3. For Hp Ux and AlX youltl have to download ether a prebul bnary package or the prger’s onginal oute codl t lcate the prjects ofoal wo 
  • 4. There are two basic technologies used to operate cell ghone netacrks Glabat Systems for Mobile Commurications(Gs) and Code Division Mulcle Access (CDMA) Unted States is more popular in Burope and Ass ando ore comon in the 
  • 5. can use text messagirg subscnption services to get medik ation reminders sent to the phone 
  • 6. was this device that was ulimatel (OM HTE) Buccessful and that formed the basis of telephony industry for many years 
  • 7. it was not und when n It wdl be possbie is lnown it was obious One beleves.

Подберите правильный перевод

  • It is that
  • It was not until when
  • It will be possible
  • It is known
  • It was cbvious
  • One believes
  • It was proposed
  • One shoukl
  • It is necessary
  • It will be difficult.

Подберите перевод 

  • This means that you can now get one device that can do the same thing as _______ did before it . 
  • _____ a website or web page by typing its URL Uniform Resource Locator into the address bar of the browser
  • _____ to know the difference between the two and the technologies they use
  • _____ of computers and communications that has allowed CT systems to become so important 
  • _____ the transistors is known os a floating gate, and the other one is the control — gate
  • A connection made to the Intemet can be either analogue or dgital _____ has become very popular.


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