Английский язык - первый семестр

Список вопросов к тесту №1

Подберите перевод к словам.

  • enable
  • debug
  • teleworking
  • non — delivery
  • disable
  • postgraduate
  • undergraduate
  • reassemble

Определите, какой частью речи является подчёркнутое слово.

  • A person who gives professional advice
  • A person making connection of lines in a telephone exchange.
  • A person who conducts analysis.
  • A person who installs electrical equipment
  • A person qualfied in a branch of engineering.

Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами, обратите внимание на суффиксы.

  • l’ Il email my report to you as an attachment : N ( attach ) 
  • The growth of the Internet has increased the need for effective data Isecurity(secure)
  • Aircrat night Sitbulation Eis used to train pilots (simulate)
  • The field of|ybermeltlcsv studles the ways people and machines process information (cybernetic).
  • Niels Bohr was one of the most distinguished physicistsof all tme (physics).
  • Today we can see the corvergenceof telecommunications, IT and Medla at device level (converge).

Подберите перевод к словам.

Определите, какой частью речи является подчёркнутое слово.

  • companies can offer secure credit card transactions over the Internet
  • Most networks are linked with cables, wires or radio waves
  • You need to feed the data into the computer for processing
  • You should secure your wireless router to prevent unwanted access to your network
  • The company need network together more personal computers
  • There are two separate power feeds coming into tbe data centre


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