Английский язык - первый семестр

Список вопросов к тесту №4

Выберите правильный вариант перевода местоимения « It »

  • We found it necessary to control the whole process 
  • The hypothesis was correct. It was scientifically proved 
  • What is this? It is my new smart phone. 
  • It is important to enable a user to make changes in resulted data produced by him/her. 
  • It rains every spring here and we cannot start working..

Укажите предложения с формальным подлежащим » One 

Отметьте все правильные ответы . При выборе ошибочного варианта,баллы вычитаются

  • It allows one to estimate the parameter
  • The more one learns the more one knows
  • Only one manufacturer currenty produces a headset of this type
  • One spent much time in cooling the mixture
  • One may postulate that this hypothesis holds under the circumstances
  • As one turns the pages one is impressed by two aspects of the work.
  • One should use a new method, not the old one.
  • This method permits one to get good resuits
  • This led one to regard this problem as very complex 3
  • The reduced problem has the same structure as the original one.

Найдите предложения с усилительной конструкцией « It »

Отметьте все правильные ответы при выборе ошибочного варианта баллы вычитаются .

  • It is the computers which provide the key to the fuly automatic factories in future.
  • She would then plug it into a broadband adapter and data would be transmitted to a database
  • It is for this reason that many reports on scientific research include discussion of this kind
  • It is difficult to see in what re
  • It is difficult to see in what respect the programs are different
  • it is probably controlled by criminals who want to steal user’s information 
  • It is quite right that he tried to prove his point t was not until about 1911 that a first really successful theory of atomic structure was suggested by Rutherford
  • It is a magical typewriter and software that allows you to type and print any sorts of documents
  • It was Einstein who discovered the connection between gravitation and inertia
  • it comes with all the applications you need to work wherever you are.
  • Выберите прававильный вариант перевода предложений с вводным словом There.
  • Выберите правильный вариант перевода подчёркнутых слов.


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